Exclusible is the next age of digital luxury NFTs

Enter the new age of Luxury

Exclusible is a premium, curated NFT marketplace designed for luxury brands across the verticals of fashion, beauty, watches, jewelry, lifestyle and supercars. More than a NFT platform for luxury brands, Exclusible is also the ultimate provider of a truly digital luxury experience in the new virtual world. With a strong presence in the Metaverse, our goal is to take luxury to the next level in digital space.

With a large community of luxury collectors and state-of-the-art technology, Exclusible is committed to continuously delivering a fascinating luxury experience and memorable service to collectors of luxurious and exquisite digital assets. Whether through NFTs or virtual experiences, Exclusible is the bridge from conventional and traditional luxury to the innovative future, where the Metaverse is the playground for luxury houses and a new gateway to connect with an entire new generation of Web3 users and consumers.

Exclusible is building the next age of the luxury industry, transforming the traditional conspicuous consumption to a new and modern luxury, more democratic, inclusive, sustainable and above all, digital.



Since the beginning, the goal of the Alpha drop has always been first and foremost to create a community of early supporters, passionate about Luxury and willing to take part in building the Farfetch of Luxury NFTs. The collection works as a membership card and therefore,Alpha holders would have incredible and unmissable benefits for future releases with major luxury brands. There are about 1200 Alpha NFT owners who have joined the NFT club and are one step closer to reshaping the new reality of digital luxury.

The Alpha NFT Collection was just the beginning of something much bigger to come. In less than 48 hours Exclusible reached about 570 ETH which corresponds to 2.4 million US dollars in sales of 3,000 NFTs. This amount will be allocated towards building the upcoming platform (target launch date in November) and hiring new talent to reinforce the Exclusible 12-strong team.

The Alpha Collection offers a wide range of privileges for all future drops. In essence, Exclusible is building a private community for the holders of its Alpha NFTs. Some of the utilities include Members-only drops: some future-branded NFT collections will be reserved for Exclusible members (i.e., holders of Alpha NFTs), with no public sale. In addition, Alpha NFT holders will enjoy access to Exclusible private discord channels dedicated to NFT collectors and will have the opportunity to take part in the creative process around some of future collections. On top of all this, the Alpha NFT Collection will bring unmissable airdrops, unique rewards and much more to the game!

Antonio Felix Da Costa ( Formule E champions ) & Stan Wawrinka ( 3 times Grand slam winner and olympic champions ) have already buy an Exclusible Alpha !


Exclusible Luxury District

With a strong ambition to offer the ultimate digital luxury experience in the Metaverse space, Exclusible acquired 3 lands of 6×6 (108 parcels in total) on The SandBox to develop a truly virtual luxury universe with social, gaming, and interactive components. The aim is to transform traditional conspicuous luxury consumption into a new modern, more democratic, inclusive, fun, and cool luxury format in a completely digital and dreamy environment. The 6×6 land will be divided into four different parts; three luxurious and prestigious cities with truly innovative and differentiating concepts where we will welcome the most incredible celebrities and special members of our community. The remaining portion will be the Exclusible hub, where we will build a large shopping mall, museums, and other truly amazing activities to attract The SandBox players and deliver a gaming experience with the right balance of luxury and amazing brand rewards. Each town contains five villages and each village contains two parcels. One village contains 10 unique and special villas, and two mystery buildings. All villas will be designed by Exclusible in collaboration with construction professionals at TheSandBox to build large, modern and luxurious villas based on different concepts and designs. All premium homes will be fully furnished with high quality materials and elaborate designs. In addition, Exclusible will regularly provide players and community members with free items and fascinating pieces to decorate and play in the villa. Whether it’s an Exclusible supercar, an infinity pool, a hot tub in the clouds, the sky’s the limit. Mystery buildings are a kind of magical place where players can be surprised by majestic luxury stores, innovative experiences or even completely unique leisure spaces. There are a total of 150 villas in the Exclusible Luxury District. All villa owners will be part of a completely digital and exclusive club and will have access to events on The SandBox such as celebrity shows, fashion shows, VIP parties and much more. But that is not all. To build the true digital luxury experience in a gamified space, Exclusible has developed several games to interact and keep its players in the Exclusible Luxury District. The aim is to build a vibrant community, provide rewarding and fun experiences with true aspects of social interaction. As a result, a “Play to Earn” system will be introduced, available only to residents of the Exclusible Luxury District.

About Sandbox

All villas in the Exclusible Luxury District The Sandbox is one of the gateways to the Metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can login and play, build, own and monetise their virtual experiences. The Sandbox Game is a decentralized, community-driven gaming ecosystem where creators can share and monetise voxel assets and gaming experiences inside an immense virtual world. Learn more about Sandbox here.

The Exclusible luxury district is ideally located right next to Snoop Dog & Steve Aoki !

Every city in the Exclusible Luxury District has been designed and thought out in detail to offer the most innovative and leading edge digital luxury experience. 


How to buy an Exclusible Nft ?


This is the first and very important step. The MetaMask wallet is going to be your virtual cryptocurrency and NFT wallet, which you are going to use for minting (= buying), holding, and potentially for selling your Ballman NFT in the future. You can download and set up your MetaMask wallet here: https://metamask.io

IMPORTANT: Do not use other websites to download/install/ or log in to your MetaMask wallet. This is the only official website, and you should always double check if you are on this MetaMask website before installing MetaMask or logging in to your MetaMask.

You can install MetaMask as an extension onto these browsers (and you should only use these browsers for the minting): Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Edge.


You can only buy Exclusible NFTs with crypto. In our case, that is going to be ETH – or also “Ethereum”. After setting up your Coinbase, Binance, or any other crypto-exchange account, you can buy the ETH there that you will then use to purchase your Exclusible NFTs.

You will need ETH + some extra to pay for the Ethereum “GAS FEES” (transaction costs of the Blockchain). After having bought the ETH, transfer it to your MetaMask wallet that you have created in the first step. Simply copy the MetaMask address of your MetaMask and send the ETH to this address from your Binance or Kucoin or Swissborg account.

3- BUY Exclusible NFTS ON WEBSITE!

Now, you are ready to buy Exclusible NFTs on the website (exclusible.com), when the linting time comes! First, connect your MetaMask to the website(click the MetaMask extension in your browser and connect it to the website), then simply choose the collection you want to buy.