BallMan Project


Taking on the NFT Rankings – Ballman Project is an initiative born in Switzerland under the leadership of tennis champion and avid digital art collector Stan Wawrinka. At the crossroads of sports, video games, pixel-art and NFTs, the concept is part of a growing dynamic in the Blockchain ecosystem: earning money by collecting unique cards and playing virtual tournaments. Ready to take out the big game?


The Ballman Project is a collection of 5,555 NFT “balls”. Each of these items contains a unique tennis player, straight from the imagination of Stan Wawrinka, Olympic champion, winner of three Grand Slam tournaments and the Davis Cup. Imaged by the famous pixel-artist Laurent Bazart, each card has its own design and intrinsic qualities.

If the generation logic is known, the cards are not yet revealed. They will be according to the progressive schedule set by the roadmap. Thus, investors will have to wait until the moment of the reveal to discover the unique characteristics assigned to the random NFT that will be assigned to them. A fairer distribution of the initial value that favors the first bold buyers, and leaves a large part to chance.


A Ballman is the combination of 6 visual traits and 6 game skills. Different designs have different rarities, from common to rare (less than 5%) or even legendary (less than 1%). They break down as follows:

-Accessories (watch, racket, headband etc …)

Once the cards have been revealed, you will therefore have to consult the Ballman Project site to determine the rarity of your NFT by combining the scores of the various visual elements that compose it. Be aware that some designs are not listed. It will be up to the community to discover them and give them a “subjective” value. All of these points determine the ranking of the NFT on the 5555 scale, and by extension, its value.


But rarity is not the only determining criterion. The Ballmen are divided into 6 categories with their specificities: Dominator, Background, Server-volleyball player, Physique, Counter-attacker, Presser. Within these, each Ballman is awarded 250 points spread over a series of 6 skills whose scores will constitute the initial profile of the player.

-State of mind

These distinctive traits form the backbone of each card in tournament play. As you can see, these NFTs are not just collectible digital items. Indeed, Ballman Project has a stated objective: To become the first play-to-earn devoted to the world of tennis.



It would take too long to describe here the rules that govern the matches. This is a complex mechanic that is based on the statistics of the cards, their class interactions, but also, and this is new, on their evolution. Because like any “real” player, each card will be able to work on his game and improve with time and results. It will therefore be essential to train and participate regularly in competitions in order to stay in top form.

Thus, thanks to the NFT, Ballman Project intends to blow the passion of tennis on the virtual courts of the metaverse. The matches promise to be exciting, especially since the game mechanics will give outsiders a chance against the highest ranked cards. A structure inspired primarily by the Grand Slam, with its tournament winners, its annual ranking and of course, its rewards.

Ballman Project plans to project itself into the metaverse

Indeed, the stakes promise to be up to the craze thanks to guaranteed minimum prices depending on the number of minted cards. Once the roadmap is 100% complete, the organization provides for the payment of 70 Ethereums guaranteed over the year, as well as numerous gifts. So it’s no coincidence that the private and public sale went like hot cakes in just 2 hours!

As you have understood, the potential benefits of the Ballman Project are therefore not only linked to the speculative value of the NFT market. Thanks to its playful and immersive approach, surfing on the popularity of tennis, Ballman Project has already aroused the interest of the public. If the fans responded, the institutions also came to the net. The famous Swissborg DeFi platform has thus become a privileged partner of what is already called the NFT OPEN SERIES.