Itheum IDO on Maiar Launchpad

Elrond has announced that the Web3 Itheum data brokerage platform IDO will take place on its strategic Launchpad, the Maiar Launchpad. The data brokerage platform will be geared towards building a metaverse blockchain infrastructure.

Itheum will be the world’s first decentralized multi-channel data brokerage platform when it launches. Itheum has been incubated by Morningstar Ventures at the Elrond Dubai strategic incubator and is expected to debut at the end of this month (March) or early April this year.

Key Metrics

Offered tokens
50,000,000 ITHEUM

Raised in Public Sale
$2,000,000 USD

Price per Token
$0.04 USD

Launchpad Timeline

9 March
Registration & KYC begins

25 March
KYC ends
EGLD Staking snapshot

26 March
Buy lottery tickets

28 March
Announce Winning tickets
Winners claim ITHEUM tokens
All participants claim unspent EGLD

How to participate?

1. Stake your EGLD

To participate, you need to have egld staked on the Maiar App or Web Wallet before the 25th of march

You can easily buy eGLD on Binance for example

2. Eligibility

TierEGLD Staked/delegatedMax. No. of Tickets per UserMax Amount per User ($)
Tier 5>= 1 EGLD1$200
Tier 4>= 5 EGLD2$400
Tier 3>= 25 EGLD4$800
Tier 2>= 100 EGLD8$1600
Tier 1>= 500 EGLD16$3200

Price per ticket: $200 (paid in EGLD)

3. Register and Pass the KYC on the launchpad

Go to to Maiar launchpad connect with your wallet and submit you KYC

4. Buy your tickets

On 26th of march you will be able to buy you lottery tickets corresponding and the winning tickets will be announced on the 28th. All loosing tickets will be refund.