Holoride announced $Ride Staking on Maiar Exchange (DEX)

Holoride just announced that their Staking program for the $RIDE token will go live on Elrond Maiar Exchange in the next few weeks although the exact date is not announced yet.

The innovative program combines stakingliquidity providing and yield farming on the Maiar Exchange and it will be called “Metastake”.

With Metastake you will be able to stake both RIDE and EGLD-RIDE-LP farm tokens and earn RIDE rewards with them.

Holoride says :

It’s our interpretation of DeFi’s trinity combined in a unique way that gives our long-term, committed holoride supporters a powerful staking mechanism for their RIDE holdings. And the option to compound rewards for further benefits.

The program will begin after the completion of a special ‘Battle of Yields’ public testing event, which will be taking place soon. After testing is complete, users are able to stake RIDE on the Maiar Exchange and receive rewards.

The holoride team has committed 21.75M RIDE tokens to the staking program, which will be distributed over the course of 12 months to our loyal community.

Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming days regarding the innovative Metastaking program.