Socios and Chiliz will fulfill all the dreams of Sports and Esports fans, Chiliz offers fans around the world the possibility to manage their Teams, Games, Leagues, Events and much more !

Teaming up with the World’s Biggest Clubs !

Chiliz, powering the platform Socios, is an ecosystem for improving engagement between fans and their favorite sports or esports team.

The fans get to be closer to their favorite club and get involved to influence certain aspects of team management.

The sports organizations, on the other hand, can improve their communications and relations with the fans, which should lead to increased fan commitment and loyalty.

In what Chiliz calls radical fan engagement, the aim is to provide a platform that enables an exchange between fans and their favorite team with a voting system that is designed to be difficult to compromise.

The Fans get voting rights to guide some of their favorite Teams’ management & strategy decisions with the help of Blockchain technology.

In addition to being able to influence their favorite teams, the holders of “Fan Tokens” benefit from many advantages offered by clubs and sponsors!

With Chiliz powering the Socios platform, fans can fund, support, and promote any sports or esports organizations. In turn, teams, leagues, or event organizers from any corner of the world can monetize fan demand.

Chiliz and Socios have created a crowd management platform for Teams, Leagues, Events, and Games across multiple sports and Entertainments !

Get Fan Tokens, vote on exclusive Team surveys & be Rewarded

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𝕎𝕖 𝕞𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕙𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕪, 𝕥𝕠𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣.

Monday 06/01/2020

Juventus fans were able to take Control and Vote to Change their Goal anthem !

Juventus fans chose iconic “Blur Track” as Goal anthem in Pioneering Blockchain Vote !

Juventus fans chose iconic Blur track as goal anthem in Pioneering Blockchain Vote

In case you missed it, the Winning Song :

Song 2 by Blur

Was revealed on Monday 06/01/2020

The first home game of 2020 against Cagliari.

Results :

Blur – Song 2 – 33.65%
P.O.D – Boom – 23.06%
House of Pain – Jump Around – 21.81%
Blink 182 – All The Small Things – 21.48%

Juventus won the game 4-0, but fans had to wait until Cristiano Ronaldo broke the deadlock in the 49th minute for their next opportunity to hear the new song. The Portuguese legend scored a penalty shortly afterward before Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuaín added the third in the 81st minute. Ronaldo completed the rout a minute later, giving supporters four opportunities to celebrate the new crowd anthem and creating an instant place for Song 2 in fan affections !

Ronaldo seems to like the new song he just made his First Hat trick ever in Serie A 😉

 It’s been 8 years since Juventus had the same Song when they Score !

We are in 2020 it’s time to change with Blockchain 🙂

More and More Interactions to Come !

To be able to interact with your favorites clubs and To benefit from many new Advantages ! 

For example : Exclusive discounts on official merchandises, meet the Team, Vip experiences, be the first to know about future plans, signed official merchandises…

& Much More !

You have to Buy some Fan Tokens

Every Fan token like any Cryptocurrency is Limited Ex : $JUV Token 20 Million is the Max supply.

The price of the $JUV token in presale is 2 €. after its price will depend on supply and demand.

Good think to know you can sold Your Fan Tokens when you want !
It’s like having a stock market action and a direct subscription with your Clubs and being able to cancel when you want and maby with some Benefices !

Official Token Partners

As you can see by clicking on the links above, each club will offer different uses for their tokens !
And it’s only the Beginning more utilities to come 😉

Fan Tokens

The club decides the initial price of the fan tokens, these are priced to be easily affordable.

For instance, FC Barcelona have set the opening price of their Fan Tokens at 2€ per Token, while As Roma or Athletico Madrid set their fan token price at €1.

The fan token will always be exchanged from Fiat ($,€,£…)  to Chiliz CHZ at the time of purchase.

Most clubs will also make it possible for season ticket-holders and members to redeem a fan token for free.

Another distribution channel for fan tokens will be via Socios in-app Geo-location, an augmented reality-enabled feature called Token Hunt.

Fan tokens provide holders voting rights to participate in the decision-making processes, feedback polls, surveys related to the sports teams or organizations and much more advantages !

One fan token represents one vote for as long as the user holds the token – it doesn’t get spent every time they vote, and there is no annual cost like a membership fee or a season ticket.

Fan tokens are fungible, and they can be exchanged for other services or features, such as VIP experiences, exclusive merchandise, or tickets…

They are also regarded as utility tokens that are branded with the name of the partnering sports team or organization.

The Fan tokens are designed to offer different utilities within the Socios platform.

Chiliz are negotiating with hundreds clubs from different Sports, E-sports and Poker Teams around the world !

They are also busy making partnerships with the Biggest brands in the World in various fields (Sports, Telecom. Technology…)

They are Already partener with  : SORARE , LAGARDÈRE SPORTS , QATAR AIRWAYS , NIKE ,


Fasten Your Seat Belts It’s only the Beginning of an Amazing Projects !


You want to Invest in this Amazing Project ?

  Buy Your Chiliz CHZ Now  !

Buy Your Chiliz “CHZ” Now !

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Create your account now !

“ Moving first is a Tactic, not a Goal. ”

 Peter Thiel early Facebook investor.

What is the Cryptocurrency $CHZ Chiliz :

CHILIZ is the Fuel of the  Application SOCIOS

The more clubs, fans and investors, the less Chiliz !

Chiliz launched just a few months ago

This is the live Price of the $CHZ stock action :


Name Price24H (%)
Chiliz (CHZ)


Name Price24H (%)
Chiliz (CHZ)

More infos & news about Chiliz :

The UFC “Ultimate Fighting Championship” Have Join the Chiliz Family !

  08 / 05 / 2020

Start Buying or trading Juventus Token or Galatasaray on Chiliz net !

Thuesday  05 / 06 / 2020

Start Trading on Chiliz Now !

The $JUV Token was at 2$ one Month ago This is the Actual Price !

+ 450% !

Start Trading on Chiliz Now !

The official $OG Fan Tokens powered by $CHZ are finally here !

Thuesday  03 / 03 / 2020

Start Trading on Chiliz Now !

SOCIOS To Release $CHZ To FIAT Debit Card & Membership In One Card !

Monday  24 / 02 / 2020


Welcome FC Barcelona !

Thursday  13 / 02 / 2020

Chiliz have just Launch the GAL Token !

Thuesday  04 / 02 / 2020

The 1St Poll of Galatasaray is now live !

Barely out and already live on BEINSPORT !

Chiliz have just Launch the PSG Token !

Tuesday  28 / 01 / 2020

Look at the Media Coverage in no time !

Live Tokens Sale

Juventus ($JUV) Explorer
PSG ($PSG) Explorer
AS ROMA ($ASR) Explorer
ATM ($ATM) Explorer
Galatasaray ($GAL) Explorer
OG ($OG) Explorer

Live Tokens Holders

Juventus ($JUV) Holders
PSG ($PSG) Holders
AS ROMA ($ASR) Holders
ATM ($ATM) Holders
Galatasaray ($GAL) Holders
OG ($OG) Holders

More infos about Chiliz :

The Chiliz Dream Team

Discover Here

Keynote in live !

 Alex Dreyfus & Max Rabinovich

Live video keynote for $CHZ @chiliz @socios.
Vision & Roadmap 2020 / Launch of new features / FTOs & Partnerships & More.
Chiliz White paper
Executive Summury
Listing Content

Road Map



Socios is a consumer-facing application & Chiliz is the currency underpinning it. The project doesn’t have a typical technical roadmap and is likely more focused on building network effects by onboarding as many sports organizations as possible and expand its user base.

     Q1 2020

  • Rolling out partners across additional sports verticals
  • On-boarding cricket organizations in India & basketball/ baseball organizations in North America & Asia
  • Launch of our internal P2P marketplace; introduction of additional TBA experiential/ game features
  • Launch of SDK & in-app integration directly for native partner apps

     Q2-Q3 2020

  • Focus on strengthening Socios 1’s blockchain platform via strategic partnerships and optimizing Fan Token economy models from aggregate user behavioral data (initiating *Burning mechanisms*, adjusting FTO sales velocity parameters and so on)

    Chiliz announces Token Economics 2.0

  • 20% of the Net Trading Fees of Chiliz net Exchange collected in $CHZ will be burnt*
  • 10% of the Net Proceed of the Fan Token Offering (FTOs) from platform collected in $CHZ will be burnt* + 3 months lock on collected $CHZ.
  • 20% of the Net Proceed of NFT & Collectibles issued by $CHZ will be burnt*
  • These terms are valid till 30th of June 2020, when they will be reviewed to fit the company’s strategy and feedback from the community.
  • The burning mechanism or equivalent will be disclosed in the first 2 weeks of each quarter.
  • burnt. As the $CHZ Smart Contract does not allow direct burning of ERC20 tokens, the “burnt” tokens will be sent to a blackhole address.
  • This means that CHZ will be more and more rare over time !


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How To send Your Chiliz Chz from Binance To Socios

Coming Very Soon…

Check how to make a Crypto Transaction

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Chiliz have just launched their own fan Tokens Trading Platform.

Register Here And be the First to discover !

Chiliz Explorer

Live Tokens Sale

Juventus ($JUV) Explorer
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AS ROMA ($ASR) Explorer
ATM ($ATM) Explorer
Galatasaray ($GAL) Explorer
OG ($OG) Explorer

Live Tokens Holders

Juventus ($JUV) Holders
PSG ($PSG) Holders
AS ROMA ($ASR) Holders
ATM ($ATM) Holders
Galatasaray ($GAL) Holders
OG ($OG) Holders
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