MTV is based on proof-of-stake algorithm. Users who want to participate in the forging process, are required to lock a certain amount of MTV into the network as their stake. The size of the stake determines the chances for a node to be selected as the next validator to forge the next block – the bigger the stake, the bigger the Rewards. For now MTV offers an annual ROI of 28%

Buy your MTV :

If you still need to purchase MTV, you can trade them on Kucoin. If you have no account on Kucoin yet you can learn how to create an account in this article

Register your mining account :

Before you can mine you need to create a mining account. To do so go here and click Apply Whitelist.

 How to participate in mining ?

👉🏻1) Fill in the application form:

👉🏻2) Transfer MTV from your personal wallet address to the official deposit address: 0x7F7EBDBf85028Bb6Cd8fb078f5aD89Dd162868c6

! Note !

* You need to withdraw MTV into your personal wallet first. Please don’t transfer MTV directly from the exchange to the deposit address.

if you don’t have one you can create one on MyEthereumWallet.*2 Be sure to always make your MTV deposits from that address

👉🏻3) Wait for 1 workday for review and deploying.

 How is the revenue ?

👉🏻The revenue will change with the change of total deposits. The formula of daily revenue is 24*60*60*4/5*10/total deposit*personal deposit.

You can check the current ANNUAL ROI in

! Notes !

*Revenue will vary with the amount of deposits.
* Input your MTV mining address on the testnet ( to query your real-time revenue.

 When can I withdraw my MTV ?

You can apply for withdraw at any moment, and the withdraw period is T+3, also you need to fill in the application form:

! Note !

*1 Make sure to transfer with a personal ETH wallet. (Do not use exchanges wallets otherwise they won’t be able to distribute rewards to you.)
*2 Don’t forget to add MTV as custom coin otherwise you won’t be able to see your MTV in your Ethereum wallet:

Contract address: 0x8aa688AB789d1848d131C65D98CEAA8875D97eF1
Token symbol: MTV
Decimal: 18