Blockchain :

A blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information without a control body.

Technically, it is a distributed database whose information sent by users and internal links to the database are checked and grouped at regular time intervals in blocks, thus forming a chaine.

The whole is secured by cryptography. By extension, a blockchain is a distributed database which manages a list of records protected against falsification or modification by storage nodes; it is therefore a distributed and secure register of all transactions made since the start of the distributed system

There is an analogy with the Internet, because in both cases the technologies use computer protocols linked to a decentralized infrastructure.

The Internet allows data packets to be transferred from a “secure” server to remote clients (the recipients are responsible for verifying the integrity of the data transmitted), while a blockchain allows “trust” to be established between separate agents of the system. With blockchain technology, the “trusted third party” becomes the system itself: each distributed element of the blockchain contains the elements necessary to guarantee the integrity of the data exchanged (by a cryptographic algorithm).

Exchange (exchange platform) :

Marketplace dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

The Best Exchanges in the world : Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase

It is the equivalent of a “Stock Exchange” platform but only with Blockchain projects.

Altcoin :

An “Altcoin” means all other Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.


Refers to conventional currencies (Euro, Dollar, Yuhan, GPB,…).

Address :

A blockchain address is the equivalent of an “Bank Account Number”

And takes the form of an alphanumeric sequence of the type: 0xfb82d73bf4608b12ud9d4e77a48z485011177da5

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ROI (Return On Investment) :

Return on investments made ((profit / investment) * 100).

ROI of 100% is equivalent to a doubled investment.

Market Cap :

Theoretical value of the money supply of a Cryptocurrency.

To calculate the market cap, multiply the number of tokens in circulation by the price of a unit.

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Masternode : 

Server connected to the network (blockchain) in order to perform certain tasks and allow it to function properly.

A Masternode is Paid in cryptocurrencies every day.

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Stacking :

Keeping a cryptocurrency and in exchange you have interest every day.

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Airdrop :

Promotion operation consisting in distributing free cryptocurrencies during a defined period and sometimes, under certain conditions.

The objective is to increase the visibility of the project and increase its community.


Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising method that works by issuing digital assets exchangeable for cryptocurrencies during the start-up phase of a project. These assets, called “Tokens” (digital tokens), are issued and exchanged using blockchain technology.

ICOs thus act as fundraisers that allow start-ups to access funding very quickly.

ICOs have so far avoided regulatory compliance and intermediaries such as venture capitalists, banks and stock exchanges.

The ICO is a peer-to-peer venture capital form, offering a tremendous opportunity to professionals in the sector !



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Hold / Hodl :

Strategy consisting in keeping its cryptocurrencies for the long term by assuming that they will gain in value and last.

The hodler invests for the long term.

Bull market :

Upward market.

The adjective “bullish” is also used to describe this situation.

Bear market :

bearish market.

Satoshi : 

A Satoshi is the smallest Bitcoin unit available.

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC.

KYC : 

KYC mean “Know Your Customer”

You must enter your personal information to register for exchanges or certain ICOs or applications.

Always verify that it is a trusted site before giving your information !