Bringing the Game Back to Players


If like us you share your passions between cryptocurrency and poker, the perfect platform for you is CoinPoker! Indeed, created in the fall of 2017, this poker room uses a cryptocurrency on the gaming tables, its native token CHP, and so it is accessible from all over the world. The main innovation of the platform, besides allowing players from all over the world to register and oppose the tables, is to offer a transparent “RNG”. RNG refers to the term “Random number generator” and is an expression used to refer to the phenomenon of chance. CoinPoker offers the transparency of its system that is searchable by players, and even allows players to add their own words in the balance to contribute. Thus, you can be certain that the site is not “rigged”, as is often said in the world of poker!

Since the currency in play is a cryptocurrency, the CHP, the blinds level and tournament registration fees are regularly adjusted according to the HPC course. Several new features have been added since the launch of CoinPoker, including the possibility of directly depositing ETH or BTC on the platform so that they are converted to CHP to play immediately, without having to go through an exchange to get it . In addition, since the end of March, it is also possible to directly withdraw ETH to its verified portfolio. The platform offers a significant advantage since it is still in “rake free” mode! Thus, you will not have a commission to pay on the hands in cash games, nor on your registrations of tournaments. In addition, Freerolls tournaments are offered every day, which can allow you to “Mine your cryptos” for free by playing poker!

The proposed games are No Limit Hold’em tournaments and cash games in Pot Limit Omaha, as well as one of the most exciting variations called Short Deck Poker. Do your homework and lean on her rules before sitting down at the tables, because the order of the hands is not the same as in the regular NLH!

How to Play Poker with Bitcoin and Ethereum

On CoinPoker you can deposit your BTC, ETH, or CHP tokens to play a range of popular poker games. The app is available on both desktop for Mac and PC, and for mobile users with an Android or iOS powered device.

Downloading the app is quite simple, and all it takes a few seconds to go from this page Coinpoker tournaments or cash games.

Check out the Tutorial !

1. Create your account on Coinpoker

Click on the link below and create your account

2. Download Coinpoker app

Below you’ll find the steps you need to complete depending on the device you want to play on.