U h i v e   T o k e n
The value is bound to the users who are joining the social network, the more users are joining the token value will increase.

Below is a chart displaying the expected token value after an increase of users joining the social network. The higher the number of users, resulting to greater value and demand of tokens.

U h i v e  o n  E x c h a n g e s
Uhive will be going to exchanges, when there is a good number of users who are using UHive Social  Network so there could be a really good trade, and that is why 99% of our focus now is on the social network itself and to get it out by Oct / 2019. 

Only around 10-20 billion tokens will be allowed to exchanges, the rest will be available in the next few years with more people joining, we will never offer for sale a huge amount so we don’t devalue the token or the social network. Moreover,  everything in UHive will be tradable, Tokens, Spaces, Spaces Names and many new things, will be revealed later on.

Uhive is still working on may ideas and things, our goal will be always the success of UHive as Social Network and working on increasing the Token value by time.

More information will be shared with users and investor soon.