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 I n n o v a t i o n s  a t  I t s
F i n e s t

UHIVE is an innovative social network, aiming to create a positive, creative and noble Idea that will spark a social movement.

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Uhive Social Universe

No Censorship, Controlled by Users, Evaluated by Users

Since Beta Launch

350,000 users •8 million posts 1.2 Billion tokens in circulation

About Uhive

The UHive project was incubated for a period of four years with the research and development team at Genie9/ Zoolz’s head office.

At the beginning of 2010, the team had developed a diverse family of products which protects the data of over 5 million users and businesses across the globe. Moreover, UHive team members of Genie9/ Zoolz, and as a global leader in cloud back-up have partnered with some of the largest and most established names in consumer electronics, education, fashion and many more.

Each and every team member possesses a rich background and proficiency throughout multiple industries and disciplines which range from extensive experience in big data, artificial intelligence, mobile development and detailed research in addition to user behaviour.

The Story

To begin with, the idea of UHIVE was just a dream, the mission was to develop a unique, genuine and creative social network linked to a fantasy world.

In order to form UHIVE, they performed an in-depth study into human psychology in order to fully understand the concept. The completion of UHIVE’s world design and architecture took up to five years and was designed to provide infinite possibilities for people to engage, build and be whoever they choose to be.

Finally, the team added the feature of digital currency utilizing Blockchain technology and officially completed the UHIVE social network.
Explore, socialise and fly through spaces.

The Uhive Team
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Uhive space anatomy design is derived from human psychology and behavioral science managed by an AI brain.

A new era of social media is Coming !

Uhive’s compatibility with VR devices gives you a sensational experience, it makes it easier for you to get lost in the flow of exercise disguised as a game. Under the interests sports and gaming, you can have fun with the fitness element!

Read more about VR and gamification of fitness apps

Uhive is more than just a social network, it’s transforming reality. With support for #VR devices you’ll soon be able to explore virtual worlds, enjoy 360 videos, and more. You haven’t seen anything like Uhive yet!

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Global Launch data is Set

The global release event will be held at

Greenwich Planetarium London

UHive been featured extensively in the media recently 

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They are working on something BIG !