SOMESING is the first social music service that incorporates blockchain technology !


Buy using Blockchaine technology the producers can get rewards for creative activities and everyone can enjoy their favorite songs and recreate the songs.

Everyone who loves singing can sing all songs free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can receive economic reward through gifts, supports, and events through the community about newly created song content.

If you post your own song in SOMESING, a song wallet will automatically be formed, and Coins(SSX) will be accumulated in various ways including gifts, supports, and events in this song wallet. After a certain period of time, you will automatically distribute the coins that you have accumulated in your song wallet to the participants who have enjoyed this song and have contributed to it through smart contract.

As the development of internet network and smart devices progresses, the Karaoke application has found the platform for the Karaoke market by providing easy access and availabilities to many countries, especially in which the Karaoke culture has not been initially present. Currently, many Karaoke application products have launched globally, and the number of users is estimated at around 500 million.

The music has been an integral part of people’s lives in every culture and society around the globe. Now, the creative work of composing music has become a tool and a way to express one’s value and thought. This collection of individual creativity in music leads our world to be filled with beauty and diversity.

SOMESING is a platform for SingLovers, anyone can enjoy the music that they like.

The enhancement or recreation/remix of new or existing music pieces are rewarded fairly. The fair profit distribution is enabled by the Blockchain technology.

Everyone that enjoy the creative activities of music receives the rewards and profits for the music that they created.

This will lead the creative work and activities to its exponential growth, providing tremendous inspiration to SingLovers on a peer-to-peer basis.

SOMESING will enable every participant to become active creators of music.

The fair rewarding and profit sharing system will motivate those creators to sustain their creativity withinSOMESING’s ecosystem and its work stream, resulting in the fruitful world of music.

Somesing Ecosystem

Each stakeholder voluntarily enters SOMESING’s ecosystem to serve themselves participating in making profits, and the ecosystem grows
by those entrants and participants based on their growth of activities, which create the overall virtuous cycle in the ecosystem

User & Service Flow

The ecosystem of SOMESING is designed in a way that the SingLovers receive their fair share of profit based on our effort of
designing the promotions and events. (e.g. Fans’ gifts, supports, and other various collaborations of communities and events)

Token Allocation

Somesing have already reach his soft cap with more than 5 millions Dollars of investement !


Road Map

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