Binance is the Worlds biggest Bitcoin and Altcoins Cryptocurrency exchange in the World.

Register your account

Go to Binance website and click on “Register”


Fill the subscription form :

Slide the puzzle piece to the correct position :

Open your email inbox and click on the confirmation link


Now you can login with the credentials you chose when you subscribed.
Before logging in always double check the URL:

2FA (Two factors authentication)

We strongly recommend to enable 2FA (SMS or Google Auth). We chose Google auth. in this tutorial.

On your phone Download the Google auth app corresponding to your phone OS :

Add a new entry

Link the app to your google account, hit the + icon and choose “scan barcode”

Finalize 2FA

Enter your account password and the google auth. code :

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Before being able to send or withdraw money to Binance you need to verify your identity and address

Complete the form :

Choose the type of document you want to use

We used ID card in this tutorial

Upload required documents :

Upload front & back of your ID card then upload a picture of you. You may also be required to download the Binance app and take a selfie.

Next step :

Send FIAT money (USD) and exchange it for cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, …)

Next Step
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