How To Make a Crypto Transaction ?

Where can i send my Crypto ?

  • You can send your Crypto quickly and easily anywhere in the world !
  • You can send your Crypto to your own accounts ( Ex: from Your Binance account to your Coinbase account )
  • You can pay a friend in Crypto.
  • You can make your purchases online or in real stores.
  • You can Store your Crypto offline on a private usb stick.
  • You can Store your Crypto on privates Wallets on your computer.
  • In the world of Crypto your money really belongs to you, no intermediaries 😉
  • Buy, Spend, Hold, Exchange Anytime & Anywhere !

How can i send my Crypto ?

  • You have a reception address or a QR code to which you must send your Crypto.
  • You must be careful to always send the right Crypto to the right address !
  • For example : If you send Bitcoin “BTC” always make sure that the receiving address is in “BTC” and not BCH or other !
  • You can choose between the Qr code and the address to send or receive.

The things you have to be Careful not to make Mistakes and lose your Crypto !


  • Never send your Cryptos to sites or exchanges before inquiring !
  • There are a lot of scams and your Cryptos will be lost !
  • If it’s too good to be true, it’s not true 😉
  • Always watch carefully that you send the right Crypto to the right address !
  • For Exemple : Ethereum “ETH” to an ETH address.


A Crypto Transaction always works the same way.

In this Example we will send Bitcoin “BTC” From “Binance” to “Kucoin”.

On “Kucoin” go to Deposit to get the address to receive your “BTC”.


Copy the Address Or the Qr Code And send to the person who must make the transaction.


On “Binance” Go to your Wallet for this go to “Exchange Wallet”

Go to “Search Coin”

Write “BTC” for Bitcoin and Click on Withdraw.

Enter the address to which you want to send your “BTC” and the desired amount.


Click on Submit and fill in the verification tasks.

And it’s done, it’s as simple as that 🙂