Socios partnered with Wave and introduce gamification for Fan Token holders.

It’s a big news for users!, the world-leading blockchain powering fan engagement and rewards app, will add more utility and fun for its community of Fan Token holders. They just partnered with digital development agency Wave. The new partnership will see an initial batch of 13 easy to play bite-sized sports games launched on the platform.

Fan Tokens are digital assets that give sports fans access to a new digital service provided by their favourite sports teams. More than 1.5M users from 167 countries have downloaded the app, with Fan Token holders able to influence their favourite teams in polls, earn rewards, VIP experiences and access competitions and exclusive offers.

The introduction of mobile games from Wave, who specialise in developing sports-related games and have already worked with the likes of ESPN, Red Bull Racing and McDonald’s, will further increase the range of benefits available to Fan Token holders. The first of the new batch of games, which will include football, basketball, fighting and other sports, while also featuring multiplayer variants, is slated for launch in mid-April.

Max Rabinovitch, Chief Strategy Officer for and Chiliz said: “Creating a deeper, more gamified team by team experience for fans in our platform is integral to our vision of creating an engagement and rewards ecosystem for Fan Token holders that truly hits a critical mass in terms of daily value and reasons to participate. We’re laser focused on achieving this

“Wave’s expertise, allied to their focus on sports and fan engagement, in particular, makes them the perfect game partner for us.”

“We’re going to launch some really cool, casual, fun, easy to play games that our community are going to love. This is just the start of a really exciting collaboration that we have every confidence will flourish and lead to even more gamification features being added to the app.”

Erik van Mourik, Head of Wave: “Much like us, are committed to improving global fan engagement in sports by leveraging the latest technology. There’s already a great degree of crossover in terms of our target audiences and vision, so this partnership is a great fit with really big potential.

“I’m confident that our initial range of fun sports games, as well as additional gamification features in the future, will be warmly embraced by’s rapidly growing community, providing them with more value and excitement.”

Over 130 of the world’s biggest sporting organisations have embraced, including Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Valencia, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal and UEFA.’s extensive network also features huge names from South America like River Plate, Flamengo and Corinthians, as well as over 50 major US sports franchises from the NBA, NHL and NFL, MMA giants UFC, big names from Formula One and leading lights from the world of esports.

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