Holoride — The next gen VR game

Turning vehicles into moving theme parks.

Holoride spend a lot of time on the go. Let’s make it count. We believe that every journey should be enjoyed. Like a trip to a theme park, holoride gives you a fun and connected experience with every ride. holoride takes everyday journeys and transforms them into hyper-immersive experiences by combining navigational and car data with XR.

XR enriched by driving physics
Until now, immersive experiences have been mostly visual. But holoride includes the real-time physical feedback of the vehicle you’re in, making your experience even more intense. So you really start to feel what you see. With holoride, reality becomes part of the game.
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Elastic Content
The most exciting experiences are the new ones. With holoride, every ride is a new adventure and the XR content is never the same. holoride’s elastic content adapts to the route length and type, driving styles, and location for experiences tailored to your journey.
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More euphoria, less nausea
People often can’t enjoy transit time, because watching a movie or reading makes them feel uncomfortable. By matching what you see and what you feel with almost no latency, holoride is able to reduce motion sickness. Being in transit becomes time well spent.
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Announcing: RIDE Token

We’re supercharging the holoride ecosystem with a powerful and engaging tool that is essentially helping us to create a vibrant environment with a variety of incentives – for both partners and passengers. Read more in the full article about how we’re fueling our ecosystem with the RIDE token.

Creativity and imagination build realities

The Creator Space gives access to the holoride Elastic SDK, the powerful toolset that powers the holoride experience and helps build breathtaking Elastic Content made for moving vehicles. Also, the Creator Space offers a variety of functionalities, documentation and tutorials along with the opportunity to engage in our forum for information and knowledge sharing. Find out more about all of it on the Creator Space and join the holoride universe


holoride takes everyday journeys and transforms them into hyper-immersive
experiences by combining car data, extended reality, and blockchain
technology in the most intelligent way. The RIDE token will power holoride’s
partner network, enabling its participants to capture the value created.

The holoride content and data economy is designed to create a sustainable
environment that incentivizes the creation and consumption of in-car
content, while also allowing the resulting metadata to be monetized.


Passengers will benefit from a radically new and
immersive in-car experience. With the implementation of blockchain and NFTs, users of the holoride
platform can customize their experience and trade
items they have earned or bought on their rides.
Furthermore, thanks to a user-friendly interface, they
will not need to know that they are interacting with
blockchain technology.

Content creators and media companies

They are empowered by holoride’s Elastic SDK to quickly develop motion- and location-aware content for moving vehicles – eliminating tech and business complexity and providing the necessary commercial scale.
Besides benefiting from new creative opportunities,
they can reach a captive audience via the powerful
automotive distribution channel. Thanks to the blockchain protocol, they can rely on a fair revenue-sharing
model, which rewards their work based on passengers’ engagement time and activities. Furthermore,
they continue earning with each trade of digital items
(NFTs) they have created. Moreover, content creators
can gather support from their fanbase, who might
stake tokens in return for creator-specific rewards
such as NFTs, movie tickets, access to events, subscriptions to off-platform content, and so on.

Car manufacturers and mobility companies

They can enable the car for a broad spectrum of media use cases to delight their customers with a first-of-its-kind
in-car experience. Extending the in-car experience
to personal devices can monetize existing vehicle
data and passengers’ time. Since holoride simply
adapts to the existing architecture and vehicle data,
the implementation is fast and cost-efficient. Besides
keeping control over the vehicles’ data, car manufacturers will benefit from a transparent and immutable
usage-based compensation that a blockchain-based
protocol enables. Furthermore, car manufacturers
can unlock new digital business models by using
NFTs to sell virtual twins of real-life cars (e.g., re-using
CGI data from car configurators), digital aftermarket
items, or individualization offerings.

Extended Reality (XR) platforms

will benefit from
holoride enabling their devices (e.g., XR headsets)
for in-car use – unlocking new use cases with a highly
captive audience outside the home, business, and
location-based entertainment segment.


will indirectly monetize their products via
product placements integrated with holoride experiences. In addition, they will be able to purchase
metadata generated by holoride users, to target their
audience in a more engaging manner.

Ride Token Utitity

The RIDE token will be essential for building a vibrant and sustainable economy for
the holoride ecosystem, connecting car manufacturers, content creators, brands,
and passengers and enabling them to capture value along the way

Where can you buy Ride Tokens

The Ride token is only available on the Maiar Exchange

How to buy Ride Tokens

  1. Download The Maiar Wallet here
  2. Send some Egld on your Maiar Wallet
  3. Connect your Maiar wallet to the Maiar exchanges ( Maiar.exchange )
  4. Swap your Egld with Ride Token