Pegaxy NFT game

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn PVP style horse racing game where players compete for top 3 placement against 11 other racers. Each race has randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more. Using strategic upgrades, food and skill, players must place in the top 3 to earn the platforms utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

Pega (the horses) are descendants of the mighty Pegasus. In this game, players will participate in PvP format races to win rewards in the platforms native utility token, VIS (Vigorus).


It’s not as easy as it looks! Mastering the elements is important and winning VIS is the end goal. Refine your skills, understand the mechanics and dominate the competition.

How are the race results determined?
  • At initial game release, the race is primarily determined by Random Number Generator (RNG), with slight decisions making also dependent on the Pega and Track statistics providing you with a fair opportunity to place in the top 3.
  • They are working on updates to bring in as many player-controlled factors into Pegaxy as possible. This will allow higher-skilled players to have a better chance of top 3 placement, as they have invested more time into understanding the game mechanics.
  • Pega’s alignment with track attributes (Earth, Water, Lightning, Speed etc).


Whether you breed Pega for resale profit, fun, or even breed for your scholars, the more Pega you have, the better.

As an owner in Pegaxy, there are multiple factors you need to consider when breeding, and that includes your personal goals.


If you plan to be a manager, there’s no need for manual scholar payments and multiple wallets. Everything in Pegaxy is handled via escrow automatically. It’s safe, transparent, and fast for everyone.

The Pegaxy rental system is the first trustless rental system inside of a Play-To-Earn game with a dual token economy.

There are three types of renting inside the Pegaxy game. These are Fixed Renting, Profit Share and Direct Rental.


Pegaxy has its own native marketplace for buying and selling. 



Connect your Wallet to the Polygon Chain and Pegaxy Website.


Purchase or rent a single Pega from the Marketplace.


Click the Enter Race button and you will be pushed into a lobby matching your Pega’s class, instantly.


Once the lobby is full, you will have 60 seconds to assess the tracks variables and fit gear to help your Pega match the tracks variables.


Watch your Pega race against 11 others! If you place in the top 3, you win VIS tokens!

Where Can You Buy Pegaxy Stones (PGX)?

PGX is available for purchase on KyberDMM (Polygon) and QuickSwap in the PGX/USDT trading pair.

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